Salmonid Restoration Federation


Tuesday, June 6
4 - 6 pm- Check-in & Registration at Jughandle Farm and Nature Center for early arrivals
6:30 pm- Community Dinner at Jughandle Farm and Nature Center

Wednesday, June 7

8 am - 9am- Light Breakfast at Caspar Community Center
8:30 - 9 am- Registration at Caspar Community Center
9 am- Classroom Presentations:
1. SRF Welcome- Introductions, Logistics, Housekeeping
2. Tom Leroy and Jack Skeahan Pacific Watershed Associates
2a. Road network initial planning (Office activities)
a. General Planning
  • Identifying your project goals
  • Defining the extent of your project
  • Creating a long-term transportation plan
  • dentifying your design vehicle
  • Identifying obvious project constraints and risks
b. Site Specific Planning (Office activities)
c. Identifying stream crossings (intersections of roads and streams)
d. Determining appropriate culvert diameters
  • Identifying drainage areas for culvert sizing
  • Group Activity
10:45 am- Break
11:00 am- Continue Morning Classroom Presentations
12:30 pm- Lunch

1pm - 5 pm- Afternoon Classroom Presentations:
2b.  Conducting a Systematic Road network Inventory
a. Identify locations of Sediment Delivery From the road network to the stream network
b. Streams
  • Identifying and characterizing road stream crossing problems
  • Treating road stream crossing problems
c. Road drainage discharge points
  • Identifying and characterizing road surface related problems
  • Treating road surface related problems
d. Treating road related Landslides
3.  Environmental Permit Development 
6:00 pm*- Social Hour at Jughandle Farm and Nature Center
7:00 pm*- Dinner at Jughandle Farm and Nature Center

*location subject to change

Thursday, June 8
8:00 am- Light Breakfast at Caspar Community Center, room check-out before tour departs for those staying at Jughandle Farm and Nature Center
8 - 9 am- Pack lunch for tour at Caspar Community Center
9:00 am- Tours depart from Caspar Community Center
9am - 5 pm- Field Trip to Redwood Forest Foundation (Requires high-clearance vehicles)
a. Multi-stop tour of the M & M road
  • Examine existing road drainage conditions and recent road drainage upgrades
  • Characterize and develop treatment prescriptions for a large stream crossing upgrade (Group activity)
b. Look at two recently upgraded stream crossings and discuss challenges and outcomes
c.   Drive along the RBMF road and discuss road alignments and road drainage
d.   Drive/walk the upper Standley creek upgrade road and examine road upgrades
  • Look at road shaping conversion from insloped to outsloped
  • Examine the use of armored fill crossings on low use road systems
  • Look at road decommissioning and discuss approaches and nuances to excavating large road fills