Salmonid Restoration Federation

2022 Klamath Fish Passage Summit

Thursday, October 13, 2022 to Friday, October 14, 2022
In honor of Indigenous Peoples Week and World Fish Migration Day, Salmonid Restoration Federation and the California Fish Passage Forum are convening a gathering to highlight the progress made on the upcoming Klamath dam removal and efforts to improve fish passage in the Basin. This event will feature tribal speakers from the Klamath Basin, Klamath River Renewal Corporation status reports, and an overview of the monitoring, science, and planning efforts underway in the world’s largest dam removal effort.
The first day of the event will feature  a morning Plenary session followed by half-day tours of French Creek in the Scott River, Iron Gate Dam, and the Cardoza fish passage project on the Shasta River. The next day, there will be full-day tours of Mid-Klamath Restoration projects in Horse and Seiad Creek, a Reservoir Reach tour that includes exploring habitat from Iron Gate Dam to Shovel Creek, and a tour of the Scott River to explore Sugar Creek Beaver Dam Analogues, a floodplain reconnection project and more.
This small event is intended for tribal leaders and scientists working on the Klamath dam removal process and restoration strategies, and will not have an open registration process. If you would like to attend, and have not received an invitation, please fill out this form so we can track our registration and follow-up with interested attendees if space allows.

To learn more about the Klamath Dam Removal planning process, please visit this incredible StoryMap Spotlighting Collaborative Efforts to Enhance Fish Passage in the Klamath River Basin.

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