Salmonid Restoration Federation

Collaborative Water Management

Collaborative Water Management Guidebook

produced by The Nature Conservancy, Alford Environmental and SRF in 2021

Water Conservation and Storage Resources

Options and Obstacles: Living with Low Water Flows in the Mattole River Headwaters,
Tasha McKee, Sanctuary Forest, 2014

From Storage to Retention: Expanding California’s Options for Meeting Its Water Needs California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply, November 2012

Water Stewardship Guide: Conserving and Storing Water to Benefit Streamflows and Fish in North Coast Creeks and Rivers, Kyle Keegan and Sanctuary Forest, 2017

Resilience in a Time of Drought—A Transferable Model for Collective Action in North Coast Watersheds, Sara Schremmer, Prepared for Sanctuary Forest

Cannabis Cultivation Water Rights

Best Management Practices Resources

Slow it. Spread it. Sink it! A Homeowner’s and Landowner’s Guide to Beneficial Stormwater Management, Sonoma Valley Groundwater Management Program, 2010

Handbook for Forest, Ranch and Rural Roads, Pacific Watershed Associates, 2015

Landowner Stewardship Guide, Reducing Runoff and Increasing Infiltration in the Mediterranean Climate of Northern California, Kyle Keegan and Sanctuary Forest, 2017

Watershed Best Management Practices for Cannabis Growers and Rural Gardeners, Mendocino County Resource Conservation District, 2016

Quick Guide to Watershed Best Management Practices, Salmonid Restoration Federation, 2016

Winegrower and Winery Best Management Practices for Reducing Water Use 

Sustainable Water Management Handbook for Small Wineries, California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, 2014


Instream Flow and Water Transaction Resources

Flow Augmentation from Off-Channel Storage Improves Salmonid Habitat and Survival, Rossi et al. 2023

A Practitioners Guide to Instream Flow Transactions in California, Small Watershed Instream Flow Transfers (SWIFT) Working Group, March 2016

CDFW Instream Flow Program

Sanctuary Forest’s Mattole Flow Program: Legal Options for Streamflow Protection 

Know Your Water Rights Brochure, Salmonid Restoration Federation

Small Domestic Use Curriculum, SRF and Trout Unlimited, 2016

Navigating Water: Regulations for Small-Scale Water Storage Projects in California’s Five County Region, Salmonid Restoration Federation, 2016

Managing Diversions in Unregulated Streams Using a Modified Percent of Flow Approach, Freshwater Biology, Mierau, July 2017

A Guide to California Water Rights for Small Water Users - Trout Unlimited

Water Conservation and Streamflow Improvement Plans

Water Stewardship Guide—Conserving and Storing Water to Benefit Streamflows and Fish in North Coast Creeks and Rivers, Sanctuary Forest, 2017

Bodega Valley Rainwater Catchment and Alternative Water Supply Program, Ag Innovations Network, 2013

Salmon Creek Water Conservation Plan, Coastal Conservancy, 2010

Salmon Creek Estuary: Study Results and Enhancement Recommendations, Prunuske Chatham, 2006

Streamflow Improvement Plan for Dutch Bill, Grape, Mill, and Upper Green Valley Creeks, Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership, 2013-2019


California Policies, Initiatives, and Reports

Policy for Maintaining Instream Flows in Northern California Coastal Streams, State Water Board, Division of Water Rights, 2014

Cannabis Cultivation Policy, State Water Board, 2017

Cannabis Cultivation Policy: Principles and Guidelines for Cannabis Cultivation, State Water Board, 2019  

California Water Action Plan: Actions for Reliability, Restoration, and Resilience, CA Natural Resources Agency, Update 2016

Managing California’s Freshwater Ecosystem’s Lessons from the 2012-2016 Drought, Public Policy Institute of California

Lake and Streambed Alteration Program (CDFW)

California Water Code: Section 1707

Safe Harbor Agreements

Safe Harbor Agreements, Who Can Participate and Process, US Fish and Wildlife Service

A Landowner’s Guide to Dry Creek Habitat Enhancement “Safe Harbor” Agreement, NOAA Fisheries

Working Together, Tools for Helping Imperiled Wildlife on Private Lands, USFWS, 2005

California Safe Harbor Agreement Program and FAQs, CDFW


Groundwater Management Resources

SGMA Groundwater Management Portal, Department of Water Resources

Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: Guidance for Preparing Groundwater Sustainability Plans, The Nature Conservancy, 2018

Keeping Accounts for Groundwater Sustainability, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, 2015

Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, The Nature Conservancy, 2018


Streamflow Data Tools

Department of Water Resources Water Management Planning Tool

Department of Water Resources California Data Exchange Center

California Institute for Water Resources, University of California

Drought and Water Management Information, California Institute for Water Resources, University of California

USGS National Water Dashboard

USGS Current Water Data for California

TNC and USGS: Natural Flows Database


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