Salmonid Restoration Federation


To camp at the same site as the Coho Confab, reservations will be required and will cost an additional fee of $30 per person per night. After August 1, camping pricing will increase to $35 per person per night. Shared campground bathroom facilities include hot water shower, sinks, and outhouse.

You may register for the conference and a limited camping spot here.

Canvas Tents, Cabins, and Private Rooms 
The River’s Bend Retreat Center is part of the Anderson Valley Land Trust located on the bank of the Navarro River. The facility hosts lodges, vintage cabins, rustic cabins, canvas tents on the same site as the Coho Confab. Please note restrooms are shared with the exception of the vintage cabins.

Cabins and retreat houses will be available for $85 - $165, depending on accommodations, per night per person on a first-come, first-reserved basis. 

To learn more about accommodations and reserve canvas tents, cabins, and private rooms; please email

River's Bend Retreat Center Photographs