Salmonid Restoration Federation

California Salmonscape

Salmonscape T-shirts

Featuring artwork by Ray Troll, these shirts are now available for sale on the SRF merchandise page.

Recipe Cards

Click here to access a printable pdf of recipe cards for Coho salmon and Steelhead trout.

Please use this form to request recipe cards for distribution at your next salmonid-related event!

Playing Cards

Decks of playing cards designed by Ray Troll are available to purchase from the SRF online store.

Click here to see a flipbook of the Trout Suits

Click here to see a flipbook of the Salmon Suits

NOAA Fisheries Website

Visit the NOAA Fisheries California Salmonscape page to download salmon factsheets and posters, as well as explore links to more great salmon information.

From the Sierra Nevada to the Golden Gate, California is a salmon state.