Salmonid Restoration Federation

23rd Annual Coho Confab Tour Descriptions


Field Tours Include:

The Whole Tree Enchilada & Other North Fork Navarro Large Wood Adventures, Field tour leaders: Anna Halligan of Trout Unlimited (TU) and Patty Madigan of Mendocino County RCD (MCRCD)

It Takes a Village: Working with the Mill Creek Community to Restore Stream Flows for the Benefit of People and Fish, Field tour leaders: Monty Schmitt, The Nature Conservancy, and Linda MacElwee, Mendocino County RCD (MCRCD)

Blowing Stuff Up for Salmon? — a tour of three construction phases of the Ten Mile River Estuary / Floodplain on the Mendocino Coast, Dave Wright, The Nature Conservancy, and Lauren Hammack, Prunuske Chatham Inc.

Realtering the Laguna: Restoring Lost Habitat and Improving Water Quality, Scott Dusterhoff and Alison Whipple, San Francisco Estuary Institute, Neil Lassettre, Sonoma Water, Brian Cluer, NOAA National Marine Fishery Service, Wendy Trowbridge, Laguna Foundation, and Kelsey Cody and Clayton Creager, North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. The Laguna de Santa Rosa is a complex mosaic of fresh-water wetlands, lakes, and streams set within the rapidly urbanizing Santa Rosa plain.  The tour team have been working together to integrate a vegetation habitat visioning plan with a watershed water quality improvement framework.  Restored habitat is a key element to improve water quality and to restore diversity to the ecosystem.  The tour included an overview of this emerging partnership and three projects that represent the larger program ahead.  How do you regain lost ecosystem function and improve water quality in a highly altered landscape?

Workshop: Flow Enhancement Strategies from Policies to Implementation with Julie Zimmerman, The Nature Conservancy; Tasha McKee, Water Program Director, Sanctuary Forest; and Matt Clifford, California Water Director, Trout Unlimited

Open Forum: Drought is the New Normal: Flow Enhancement Strategies for Climate Change Resilience