Salmonid Restoration Federation

Nov. 2012 Coastal Off-channel and Tidal Habitat Restoration Symposium Powerpoints

A BioGeomorphic Approach to Creating Off-Channel Habitats in Tributaries of the Lower Klamath River, Northern California
Rocco Fiori, Engineering Geologist/Operating Engineer, Fiori GeoSciences, et. al.

Modern Tidegates & Muted Tidal Regulators (MTR’s)
Leo Kuntz, Tidegate Specialist Nehalem Marine Manufacturing

Regulatory Compliance in the Coastal Zone
Aldaron Laird, Environmental Planner, Trinity Associates

Restoring Salmon Creeks Tidal Processes to Create a Diversity of Estuarine Habitats
Michael Love P.E., Michael Love & Associates, Inc.

Addressing Geomorphic and Hydraulic Controls in Off-Channel Habitat Design
Conor Shea  - Hydrologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Conservation Partnerships Program

Off-Channel and Side Channel Habitat Design Plan Criteria
California Department of Fish and Game

Response of Juvenile Salmonids to Habitat Restoration in Humboldt Bay, CA
Michael Wallace, California Department of Fish and Game