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Water Conservation

New in 2021

Paper production uses water. Save water with free online forms:

New in 2020

Using Less Water – A Guide To All The Ways: Smart Home Blog Post

Smart Landscaping: A Guide to Water-Efficient Irrigation Blog Post

University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Center for Landscape & Urban Horticulture - Q&A About Drought & Water Conservation

A Student's Guide to Conservation and Environmental Science

Home Water Conservation Article

How to Save Water at Home For Adults & Children

New in 2019

Guide to California Water Rights (Trout Unlimited): online brochure

The Water Policy Center at the Public Policy Institute of California: "Priorities for California’s Water"

The State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Rights: Interactive GIS web map for representing Fully Appropriated Stream Systems (FASS) in California

Aquafornia California Water Education Foundation:

Bodega Valley Rainwater Catchment & Alternative Water Supply Program:

California Water Blog:

Drip Calculator

Greywater Action:

Lawn Care Service Guide:

Maven's Notebook: A water, science and policy blog:

Oasis Design (Grey water and ecological design information):

Salmon Creek Watershed Council Program Conservation Strategies:

Stormwater Management and Water Conservation:

The Chore of Understanding Water Rights Just Got a Little Easier:

The Rebirth of California Fish & Game Code Section 5937: Water for Fish:

Water Conservation at Home:

Water Conservation Throughout the Home:

Water Conservation - 11 Things You Need to Know:

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