Salmonid Restoration Federation

2005 Central Coast Field School

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 to Thursday, October 27, 2005

Salmonid Restoration Federation produced Central Coast Field School from October 25-27, 2005 in Arroyo Grande, CA.

The course included several sessions in the field. Topics and examples covered during the course included:

  • Proper ditch relief and stream crossing culvert installation, with and without downspouts, flared inlets, trash racks, etc.
  • Proper installation of critical rolling dips or measures to eliminate stream diversions
  • Classroom and field methods to determine appropriate culvert sizing for peak stream flows, sediment and woody debris in transport
  • Proper approaches for addressing potential road fill and landing failures, as well as spoil disposal techniques
  • Illustrate a variety of road bed and ditch drainage approaches. These include when, where and how to convert insloped and ditched roads to outsloped roads with or without a ditch, when, where and how to construct rolling dips with and without rock, and when, where and how to dispose of berms along roads
  • How to properly excavate a stream crossing fill to minimize post excavation erosion and sediment delivery to streams
  • How to reduce roadbed width on excessively wide segments of road.

Bill Weaver and Danny Hagans of Pacific Watershed Associates

Arroyo Grande , CA