Salmonid Restoration Federation

2007 Central Coast Field School

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 to Thursday, August 16, 2007

Salmonid Restoration Federation, Pacific Watershed Associates, and Central Coast Salmon Enhancement offered a course addressing culvert and road drainage practices to protect and benefit steelhead and water quality in the central coast region.

This course included several sessions in the field and that focus on proper ditch relief and stream crossing culvert installation as well as installation of critical rolling dips or measures to eliminate stream diversions. Classroom and field methods highlighted appropriate culvert sizing for peak stream flows, sediment and woody debris in transport. The class included approaches for addressing potential road fill and landing failures, as well as spoil disposal techniques and illustrate a variety of road bed and ditch drainage approaches. Participants learned how to properly excavate a stream crossing fill to minimize post excavation erosion and sediment delivery to streams, and how to reduce roadbed width on excessively wide segments of road.

Arroyo Grande , CA