Salmonid Restoration Federation


The mission of Salmonid Restoration Federation (SRF) is to promote restoration and stewardship of California’s native salmon, steelhead, and trout populations and their habitat.

To accomplish our mission, we have been working since 1986 to advance the art and science of habitat restoration for California’s precious salmonid species. We provide crucial educational services for landowners, community-based restoration organizations, consultancies, and state and federal agencies in the following key ways:

  • Producing the annual Salmonid Restoration Conference: The largest event of its kind on the West Coast, this conference features workshops, field tours, and coordinated sessions covering the most up-to-date technical, biological, cultural, and policy-related topics of concern for people engaged in salmonid restoration.

  • Coordinating annual field schools and workshops: Each year, SRF hosts several statewide technical field schools and professional workshops that provide scientists, engineers, and the general public with an opportunity to collaborate with and learn from some of the leading restorationists on the West Coast.

  • Spearheading local opportunities for community engagement: In Humboldt County—a region critical to the recovery of California’s endangered Coho salmon and where our office is based—we have been actively engaged in local efforts to address low summer water flows on the South Fork of the Eel River.

  • Participating in the development of state and federal salmonid fishery restorations plans, objectives, and policies: We advocate for changes in key government policies and regulations that hinder or obstruct the restoration of California's salmonid fisheries, including the protection of existing funding and the development of additional funding for the California Department of Fish & Wildlife’s salmon, steelhead, and trout restoration programs and grants.

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