Salmonid Restoration Federation

2nd Steelhead Summit Agenda

Conservation Strategies for Steelhead Recovery

8:30-9am Registration, San Luis Obispo Veteran’s Memorial Center

9am Orientation Presentations

Saving the Spandrels? Adaptive Genomic Variation in Conservation and Fisheries Management, Devon Pearse, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries

A Pacific-Rim Perspective on Steelhead Diversity, Matt Sloat, Wild Salmon Center

10:30am Coastal Monitoring and Limiting Factors for Steelhead: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities

Southern California Steelhead Monitoring: Progress and Plans, Kate McLaughlin, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Severe Drought and Actions Taken to Save the Endangered Southern California Steelhead within the Santa Ynez River Basin, Tim Robinson, Cachuma Operations Maintenance Board

Evaluating Factors that Limit Recovery of Central California Coast Steelhead: Insights from Long-term Monitoring in the Scott Creek Watershed, Ann-Marie Osterback, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries

Conditional Smolting and the Response of Carmel River Steelhead to Two Decades of Conservation Efforts, David Boughton, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries

12:15-1:15pm Lunch

1:15-3:15pm Prioritizing Steelhead Recovery Actions Presentations and Panel Discussion

South-Central and Southern California Steelhead: 2016 Recovery Status, Mark Capelli, South-Central, Southern California Steelhead Recovery Coordinator, NOAA Fisheries

Coalition-based Steelhead Recovery in Southern California—South Coast, Sandra Jacobson, South Coast Steelhead Coalition Coordinator, Cal Trout

It Takes a Watershed: Integrating Science, Policy, and Management to Protect Strongholds, Restore Headwaters, and Reconcile Landscapes, Candice Meneghin, Cal Trout

Accelerating Steelhead Recovery Projects with Programmatic Permitting—Planning for Successful Use of New Federal and State Approvals for Restoration, Erik Schmidt, Sustainable Conservation

Breaking the Barriers to Large Dam Removal—Matilija Dam, the Final Push, Paul Jenkin, Surfrider Foundation

3:15pm Instream Flow Needs for Improving for Steelhead Recovery

Assessing Instream Flow Needs for Steelhead in Coastal California Creeks, Ethan Bell, Aquatic Ecologist, Stillwater Sciences

Creative Water Transactions to Enhance Streamflow, Matt Clifford, JD, California Water Project, Trout Unlimited

How to Build Support for Community Water Conservation Projects, Regina Hirsch, Sierra Watershed Progressive