Salmonid Restoration Federation

Storage & Forbearance

Storage and Forbearance is the concept of storing winter water for use in the summer and agreeing to forbear from diverting flows in the dry months when aquatic species are most vulnerable to low flows. SRF has been monitoring low flows in Redwood Creek since 2013 and engaged in a feasibility study of what types of water conservation and flow enhancement techniques would be successful in Redwood Creek.
In 2023, SRF constructed ten-million gallons of water storage on the historic Marshall Ranch that is dedicated to flow augmentation. Starting in July 2024, cold water flow releases from low depths in the ponds will be released into Redwood Creek to augment flows. SRF is thrilled that with funding support from the Department of Water Resources and the North Coast Resource Partnership we have initiated a Storage and Forbearance program in Redwood Creek. 
SRF and Stillwater Sciences are in the process of designing and permitting five priority projects in Redwood Creek that will be installed in 2024 and 2025. The program includes all permitting, engineering, tank construction, and plumbing. Participating landowners must agree to store winter water and forbear from diverting during the dry season. SRF will continue to provide technical assistance with annual reporting and compliance.
These important storage and forbearance projects will help ensure that flow releases remain instream.