Salmonid Restoration Federation

24th Annual Coho Confab Tours and Workshops

The Coho Confab will open Friday evening, September 9 with a community dinner and inspiring orientation presentations. Darren Mierau of Cal Trout will present on the status of Eel River Dam Removal and the exciting Cedar Creek Barrier Removal project. Gabriel Rossi who will give a talk titled, Understanding and Recovering the Drivers of Salmon Productivity and Resilience in the South Fork Eel River.
Field tours will include a tour of the Cal Trout Cedar Creek Barrier Removal project that will be under construction and will open up nine miles of Chinook, coho, and steelhead habitat in this significant cool water refugia creek. There will be a full-day tour of the Angelo Reserve Eel River Critical Observatory that is a multi-disciplinary research collaborative that studies hydrologic processes from the tree tops to bedrock. This tour will, “focus on watershed hydrology -- following a raindrop through the critical zone, and showing folks with tree and vadose zone monitoring equipment at the Reserve  and end with a discussion of the "consequences" of that hydrology on salmon,” Gabe Rossi, UC Berkeley post-doctoral student.
Other field tours include a 4-mile hike along Anderson Creek on the Redwood Forest Foundation property in northern Mendocino County to observe five phases of large wood loading that includes both equipment installed and direct falling techniques and three phases of inner gorge and streamside road decommissioning. During the hike participants and tour leaders will discuss past watershed disturbances, their impacts on watershed processes, and the bio-fluvial-geomorphic conditions that have resulted from these disturbances as well as strategies to identify, characterize, analyze, and mitigate watershed scale disturbances with a focus on surface water hydrology, riparian ecosystem functions, stream corridor sedimentary architecture, and of course fish habitat. This tour will be in a very remote part of Mendocino County and last all day.  
Workshops will include instream flow initiatives. The South Fork Eel River is considered one of five priority tributaries for flow enhancement in California and several planning projects are underway to improve flows in critical tributaries of the South Fork Eel. Additionally, the Confab will feature on Open Forum on the Salmon Habitat and Restoration Prioritization (SHaRP) process that was launched in the Eel River to help create a roadmap for coho recovery.