Salmonid Restoration Federation

3rd Steelhead Summit

Monday, December 3, 2018 to Wednesday, December 5, 2018

SRF hosted the 3rd Steelhead Summit December 3 - 5, 2018 in Ventura, CA. The theme was Conservation Strategies for Steelhead Recovery

The agenda highlighted conservation strategies for steelhead recovery, including origins of steelhead life history variation; risk mitigation strategies; monitoring and limiting factors; adapting to climate change, drought, floods, and wildfire; post-fire watershed health and planning; balancing habitat and public safety; instream flow needs, permitting, and enhancement; and building support for flow enhancement and groundwater recharge.

The full-day symposium was followed by concurrent field tours that focused on Santa Monica Bay monitoring and restoration projects; Thomas Fire and flood impacts on Steelhead in Santa Barbara; and habitat above Matilija Dam to restoration projects in the Ojai Valley. On the final day, there was a tour of fish passage and restoration projects in the Lower Santa Ynez River basin and Gaviota Coast and a concurrent flow enhancement and water rights workshop.

Rindge Dam
Rindge Dam
  • Rindge Dam
  • Malibu Lagoon
  • Topanga Lagoon
  • DIDSON Deployment at Topanga Creek
  • Spawning Oncorhynchus mykiss pair on a redd in Hilton Creek within the Santa Ynez River basin
  • Arroyo Hondo Creek, Highway 101 culvert successfully modified for fish passage
  • Quiota Creek Crossing 4, a recently completed fish passage project within the Santa Ynez River basin
  • Quiota Creek at Crossing 0A, a recently completed fish passage project within the Santa Ynez River basin
  • Fish Passage Project on the Gaviota Coast and Santa Ynez River basin tour
The Clocktower Inn
181 E Santa Clara Street,
Ventura , CA

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