Salmonid Restoration Federation

Virtual Spring-run Chinook Symposium Agenda

Thursday July 23

12:30 pm Opening Remarks

Salmon River Restoration Council

12:35 pm Keynote

Place-based management: An Indigenous/Western Science Perspective, Kari Norgaard, University of Oregon, and Ron Reed, Karuk Activist

1:30 pm Spring Chinook: Historical and Cultural Knowledge

Differentiation of Spring and Fall-run Chinook in the Klamath-Trinity Watershed From an Indigenous Perspective, Charley Reed, Humboldt State University

Spring Chinook Survey Trends for the Klamath Basin Downstream of Iron Gate Dam, John Hamilton

2:30 pm Break

2:45 pm Spring Chinook: Current Status and Trends

Climate-driven Increases in Salmon River Water Temperatures: Implications for Spring-run Chinook, Eli Asarian, Riverbend Sciences

Status of Recovery in a Spring Chinook Stronghold, Karuna Greenberg, Salmon River Restoration Council

3:45 pm Questions

Friday July 24

12:30 pm Welcome

12:35 pm The Future for Spring Chinook: Habitat Restoration

Large Wood in an Untamed River: Lessons Learned, Josh Smith, Watershed Research and Training Center

Efforts to Address Habitat Impairments from Legacy Placer Mining in the Middle Klamath, Jay Stallman, Stillwater Sciences

North Fork Salmon River Kelly Bar Off-Channel Habitat Restoration: Project Planning, Implementation and Monitoring, Rachel Shea, Mike Love & Associates

2:00 pm Break

2:15 pm The Future for Spring Chinook: Genetics and Reintroduction

The Origins of Ecotypic Variation in Chinook Salmon Inform Conservation and Reintroduction, John Carlos Garza, NOAA Fisheries

The Genetic and Evolutionary Basis of Spring Run-timing in Chinook: The Current State of the Science, Dr. Michael Miller, UC Davis

3:30 pm Questions and Farewells