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Redwood Creek Low-Flow Monitoring

Video: Time-lapse on Redwood Creek in the Eel River Watershed (May 21 to November 21, 2020)

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Updated August 8, 2022

Redwood Creek flows dropped 80% between 7/20/22 and 8/4/22. Even though Sproul and Redwood Creek share a ridgeline and have similar drainage areas, Sproul Creek has four times as much flow in it as Redwood Creek. Miller Creek, which joins Redwood Creek in Briceland, is no longer flowing and dissolved oxygen levels are low enough to lead to juvenile salmon mortality. Water temperatures  in Redwood Creek are also warm enough to be stressful for salmonids especially Coho salmon.


Hover your mouse over the graph lines to see daily values. Click on the Monitoring Site Labels (Dinner Creek, Miller Creek, etc.) to remove/add information.

Redwood Creek 1.5,1.8, 2.5, 3, & 4 and Upper Redwood Creek are mainstem sites (4 is farthest downstream).

Dinner, Miller, and China Creeks are Redwood Creek tributaries.


Photos From Monitoring on Redwood Creek, South Fork Eel River

Snorkel survey, September 2015

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