Salmonid Restoration Federation

Tour Descriptions

*You may only attend one Iron Gate tour, please do not pre-enroll for both.
Thursday Tours: Half-Day following the Plenary Session
Half Day Iron Gate Tour* 
This tour will be at the Iron Gate Dam and highlight dam decommissioning, post dam restoration, and the new hatchery at Fall Creek.
French Gate Tour
This tour will focus on a variety of different restoration techniques that have been implemented to help provide critical habitat for both summer and winter rearing juvenile salmon in one of California’s highest utilized Coho streams.
Cardoza Fish Passage Restoration Project on the Shasta River Tour
This tour will highlight a recently completed restoration project, the Park Creek Flow Enhancement Project. This project enhanced instream flows in Parks Creek a minimum of 2.98 cfs by moving a point of diversion 2.8 mile downstream. The project also removed a fish passage barrier and diversion structure in the Parks Creek Watershed, alleviating a 25 acre impoundment and providing access for state and federally listed coho salmon to over 14 miles of critical spawning and rearing habitat.
Friday Tours- Full-Day 

Reservoir Reach Tour*

This tour will be at the Iron Gate Dam and highlight dam decommissioning, post dam removal restoration and planning, the new hatchery at Fall Creek, ODFW/Klamath Tribe's reintroduction plan and post dam removal fish passage monitoring.  Stops will include Iron Gate Dam, Jenny Creek, Fall Creek, Copco reservoir and Shovel Creek.
Mid Klamath Tour
The Mid Klamath Watershed Council, U.S. Forest Service and Karuk Tribe fisheries biologists will lead a tour of a channel and floodplain restoration project being constructed on Beaver Creek, then tour completed and proposed restoration projects on Horse Creek. These projects include a bridge replacement project for fish passage on Middle Creek (which boasts the highest density of spawning Coho Salmon in the Klamath Basin), extensive off-channel habitat construction, helicopter wood loading, accelerated wood recruitment, and instream wood placement projects. Discussion topics will include project selection criteria, design and implementation process, and fisheries response to project work.
Scott River Tour
This tour will highlight the various restoration efforts underway within the Scott River watershed to improve conditions for salmonids in this dynamic system.  Lessons learned, monitoring results and an overview of how restoration groups are trying to address legacy impacts in the face of climate change.