Salmonid Restoration Federation

Tours at the 40th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference

Humboldt Bay Estuary Restoration Field Tour

Field Tour Coordinators:
Mike Love, Michael Love & Associates
Bob Pagliuco, NOAA Restoration Center

Habitat Restoration Projects in the Lower Mattole River

Field Tour Coordinator:
Richard Sykes, Mattole Salmon Group

Securing a Stronghold: Different Approaches for Design and Collaborative Process in Prairie Creek and Redwood Creek Restoration Projects

Field Tour Coordinators:
Mary Burke, Cal Trout
Bob Pagliuco, NOAA Restoration Center
Leslie Wolff, NOAA Fisheries

Process-based Restoration & Effectiveness Monitoring in McGarvey Creek

Field Tour Coordinators:
Yurok Tribal Fisheries Department
Rocco Fiori, Fiori GeoSciences