Salmonid Restoration Federation

Sessions at the 40th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference

Large-scale Fisheries Habitat Restoration in Working Landscapes

Session Coordinators:
Jay Stallman, Stillwater Sciences
Ann Willis, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Fish Passage Design and Implementation Lessons Learned

Session Coordinators:
Jason Q. White, Environmental Science Associates
P. Travis James, Michael Love & Associates
Luke Walton, Prunuske Chatham, Inc.

Modeling Salmonid Habitat: Stream State, Forest Conditions, and Future Climates

Session Coordinator:
Jonathan Halama, MPH, PhD

Collaboration Approaches to Build Trust and Engage our Diverse Communities

Session Coordinators:
Natalie Arroyo, Humboldt County 4th District Supervisor; and
Mary Burke, California Trout

Time is Running Out: Resolving Policy Barriers to Increasing the Resilience of Coastal Rivers, Fish and Water Supplies in a Rapidly Drying Climate

Session Coordinators:
Monty Schmitt, The Nature Conservancy
Analise Rivero, California Trout
Matt Clifford, Trout Unlimited

The Technical and Ecological Considerations to Expedite Large-scale Dam Removal

Session Coordinator:
Mike Belchik, Yurok Tribe

20+ years of restoration on the Trinity River: What have we learned, and where do we go from here?

Session Coordinators:
Mike Dixon, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Kyle de Juilio, Yurok Tribal Fisheries Departmen

The Eel River: A River of Opportunity with Implications Beyond Its Basin

Session Coordinator:
Alicia Hamann Friends of the Eel River

Cal-PBR Network: Process Based Restoration in a Changing Climate

Session Coordinators:
Carrie Monohan PhD., The Sierra Fund
Karen Pope PhD, Pacific Southwest Research Station USDA
Damion Ciotti, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Kate Lundquist, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center
Kevin Swift, Swiftwater Design
Garrett Costello, Symbiotic Restoration

Riparian Corridors, the Link Between Upland and Instream Restoration

Session Coordinators:
Thomas H. Leroy, Pacific Watershed Associates 
Elise Ferrarese, Trout Unlimited
David Roon, Oregon State University

Accelerating Restoration – New Tools to Get the Job Done

Session Coordinators:
Ruth Goodfield, NOAA Restoration Center 
Erika Lovejoy, Sustainable Conservation 
Jacob Shannon, North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board