Salmonid Restoration Federation
April 25 - 28, 2023
Fortuna, California

Process-based Restoration & Effectiveness Monitoring in McGarvey Creek

25 April 2023

Field Tour Coordinators:
Sarah Beesley, Yurok Tribal Fisheries Department
Rocco Fiori, Fiori GeoSciences

Attendees on the McGarvey Creek field tour will be able to see a variety of restoration features including constructed wood jams, off-channel wetlands, and beaver dam analogues / wood-based check dams as well as fisheries monitoring sites within a coastal tributary of the Lower Klamath River. We will be discussing everything from restoration objectives and approaches, planning, design, permitting, construction, lessons learned, and how our long-term and on-going physical and biological monitoring is informing the process.

Project site on McGarvey Creek