Salmonid Restoration Federation
In 2023, Salmonid Restoration Federation will produce the 40th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference in Fortuna, California. The first two days of the conference include technical workshops and field tours. Thursday begins with a half-day plenary session followed by 1.5 days of technical, biological, and policy-related concurrent sessions. This conference will focus on a broad range of salmonid and watershed restoration topics of concern to restoration practitioners, watershed scientists, fisheries biologists, resource agency personnel, and land-use planners. 

The Call for Abstracts is now open and guildelines can be viewed here. Please use this form to submit presenter abstracts for a session or technical workshop. Submissions are due November 16, 2022. Session Coordinator final selections of presenters are due on November 22, 2022.
  • Healthy Fire, Healthy Fish: Fates Intertwined, Strategies Aligned
  • Flow Enhancement Workshop
  • The Future Is Now: How To Use Practical Remote Sensing Tools To Gain New Perspectives In River Restoration And Watershed Assessment*
  • California Lamprey Considerations for People Restoring Streams Workshop and Field Tour
*Note: SRF is not accepting abstracts for instructor led workshops

  • Cooperative Restoration Partnerships in the Van Duzen River Watershed
  • Habitat Restoration Projects in the Lower Mattole River
  • Humboldt Bay Estuary Restoration Field Tour
  • Process-based Restoration & Effectiveness Monitoring in McGarvey Creek
  • Securing a Stronghold: Different Approaches for Design and Collaborative Process in Prairie Creek and Redwood Creek Restoration Projects
  • Changing Tides; Managing CDFW Lands for Marsh, Slough, and Dune Habitat in the Eel River Estuary
  • Large-scale Fisheries Habitat Restoration in Working Landscapes
  • Fish Passage Design and Implementation Lessons Learned
  • Modeling Salmonid Habitat: Stream State, Forest Conditions, and Future Climates
  • Riparian Corridors, the Link Between Upland and Instream Restoration
  • Resolving Policy Barriers to Increase the Resilience of Coastal Rivers, Fish and Water Supplies in a Rapidly Drying Climate
  • Environmental Dimensions of Post-legalization Cannabis Cultivation
  • The Eel River: A River of Opportunity with Implications Beyond Its Basin
  • The Technical and Ecological Considerations to Expedite Large-scale Dam Removal
  • Collaboration Approaches to Build Trust and Engage our Diverse Communities
  • Cal-PBR Network: Process-based Restoration in a Changing Climate
  • Accelerating Restoration – New Tools to Get the Job Done
  • Please May I Get Upstream? Reintroducing Extirpated Salmon Runs Upstream of Dams
  • 20+ Years of Restoration on the Trinity River: What Have We Learned, and Where Do We Go From Here?

River Lodge Conference Center
1800 Riverwalk Dr
Fortuna , CA