Salmonid Restoration Federation

Sessions at the 39th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference

Lightning Tales Where Wisdom Sails
Session Coordinators: Eli Asarian, Riverbend Sciences, and Sarah Phillips, Marin Resource Conservation Distric
Mountain Meadows: Restoring Functions in Headwater Catchments under Changing Climate and Wildfire Regimes
Session Coordinators: Jay Stallman, Stillwater Sciences and Gabrielle Bohlman, US Forest Service
Opportunities for Collaboration: Tools and Initiatives for Increasing Our Collective Impact
Session Coordinator: Analise Rivero, Policy Associate, Cal Trout
Sea Surface Temperature map of the California Coast
Seascape Ecology: Growth, Survival, and Foraging in the California Current
Session Coordinators: Cynthia Le Doux-Bloom, PhD, Humboldt State University, Department of Fisheries Biology; and Nate Mantua, PhD, NOAA, Southwest Fisheries Science Center.
Beyond Physical Habitat: the Importance of Prey Availability and Productivity in Recovering Imperiled Salmonid Populations
Session Coordinator: Robert Lusardi, UC Davis
How is Artificial Intelligence Being Applied to Benefit Salmon Recovery?
Session Coordinators: Erik Young, Trout Unlimited and Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group; and Gabe Rossi, Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley and California Trout Coastal River Ecologist, Grantham Lab
Hydrologic Management for the Anthropocene
Session Coordinators: David Dralle, PhD, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Forest Service, and Tim Bailey, Watershed Research and Training Center
Managing Non-native Predatory Fish in California’s Salmon Bearing Streams
Session Coordinators: Dr. Philip Georgakakos, UC Berkley; Dr. Gabriel Rossi, UC Berkeley, and Abel Brumo, Stillwater Sciences
Approaches for Management and Restoration of Central California Coastal Lagoons
Session Coordinators: Dane Behrens, ESA,  and Jim Robins, Alnus Ecological
The Technical and Ecological Considerations to Expedite Large-scale Dam Removal
Session Coordinator: Darren Mierau, CalTrout North Coast Director