Salmonid Restoration Federation

39th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference FAQs

What COVID protocols will SRF be taking at the SRF Conference?

SRF will follow all CDC and Santa Cruz County public health COVID precautions and recommendations for COVID.  Additionally, SRF will require proof of vaccination or a recent COVID test (taken within 48 prior to the event) in order to attend the conference.

Free at-home antigen tests can be ordered here through the USPS.  Each household is eligible for 4 tests to be shipped directly to their home.

There will be rapid testing available onsite each morning 8-9 am. Please pre-register for onsite testing here.

Now that the mask mandate is lifted in CA, will conference attendees be expected to wear masks during indoor conference events?
SRF requests that all conference participants wear masks during indoor educational events. Presenters will not be expected to wear masks when they are presenting. Masks will be required for field tour transportation but not outside during the tours.

Masks will not be required during dining events when participants are eating and drinking. Lunches at the Cocoanut Grove will largely be held outdoors.
What is the conference registration policy for the 2022 Conference?

There will not be refunds for the 2022 Conference but registration fees can be transferred to another person in advance of the conference or registration fees can be deferred to 2023.

What are the lodging options for the Conference?

​SRF has set up a group block at the Hotel Paradox and the Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley. The Hilton per diem reservation cut-off date is March 22, 2022. Discounted rates can only be applied to April 18-23, 2022. Hotel Paradox is where the workshops will be held.

Book your Hotel Paradox standard room rate of $209: Per diem rates have sold out.

Book your Hilton per diem room rate of $128: reservations must be made before March 22, 2022.  You may also call 831-440-1000 and book with the special group code; SALMON.

A group block at LaQuinta has 15 per diem rooms at $128 and 15 non per diem double rooms at $199. You may also call 831-426-3626 and ask for the "SRF 39th Annual Conference Per Diem Block or Non Per Diem Block." 

How do I sign up for the Conference poster session?

Please use the poster session form to register for the poster session that will be Thursday, April 21 at the Cocoanut Grove. You must be registered to attend the conference to attend the poster session.

Please register for the poster session by April 12, 2022.

How do I nominate someone for an award?

Please submit 200 words or more to nominate candidates for the illustrious Nat Bingham Memorial Restorationist of the Year Award, the Golden Pipe Award for Innovation, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Gordon Becker Memorial River Advocate Award. Please find descriptions of the awards page. 

All of these awards will be presented at the 2022 Salmonid Restoration Conference.

Nominations should be sent to by February 11, 2022. Please write "Award Nominations" in the subject line.

How do I update my Sponsor Profile?

Access the Exhibitor Portal. Log in to your account from the Welcome email and complete the sign-in process by entering your email address, a new password, and your organization's name.

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How do I download and log in to the Conference App?

Logging In to the Event App From Your Invitation

1 Download the app. On the device you're bringing to the event, open the invitation in your inbox and tap Open the App. 

Invitation Email w/ Arrow


NOTE: If you click the "Open the App" button on a desktop browser, you can enter your mobile number (without symbols) and click Send me the app to be sent the app link in a text message.
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2 Verify your account. After the app has finished downloading, click Open. You'll be logged in and taken to the event's Home page

NOTE: The invitation can only be used once and expires after 24 hours.

Logging In From the Event App

1 Download the app. On the device you're bringing to the event, access the App Store or Google Play Store and search for the "Cvent Events" app. Once you've found the app, download it.

2 Search for the event. Return to your device's home screen and open the app. Enter 39th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference in the search bar.

NOTE: Already logged in to another event? To return to the event directory and search for the new event, tap the Profile tab, then Account Settings. Tap Exit event at the bottom of the screen.

3 Download the event. Tap the Download Event Icon icon to download the event.

Search for Event

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Download Event

4 Enter your info. If you aren't automatically prompted to log in, tap the Profile tab at the bottom of the screen, then Log in.

Profile Tab

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Enter Name and Email

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Enter Verification Code
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