Salmonid Restoration Federation

Virtual Salmonid Restoration Conference FAQs

Did SRF record the sessions or workshops?

Yes, SRF did record sessions and workshops. 

If you missed something, or you want to watch it again, you can visit the SRF Vimeo page for the 2021 Virtual Salmonid Restoration Conference recordings

Should I sign up for workshops and special events in advance?

Space is limited for two of the workshops, so we recommend signing up for these as soon as possible.

Otherwise, events will be open to all conference participants.

The only exception is the film screening of "Gather", which will require an additional registration fee to access the screening link. The panel discussion will be open to all conference participants.

Participation in the Professional Development Workshop is free and registration is separate from the conference registration. Please sign up  here to recieve your link. 

What happens if I was registered for the 2020 conference and did not request a refund?

If you registered for the 2020 conference and did not request a refund, you have been automatically registered for the two days of presentations associated with this conference (April 22 and 23, 2021). 

Registration is open if you are interested in attending a workshop or additional conference events.

Please email if you have any questions or concerns about this.

When and how can I present during the 2021 Conference Poster Session?

The Virtual Conference Poster Session which will be held concurrently with the virtual conference April 21-23, 2021.

There is no additional cost to attend or present at the Poster Session, but you must be registered for the conference in order to participate. This annual event is open to all conference attendees and is a great venue to network with your peers. We encourage posters, pamphlet distribution, software exhibits, and multimedia (video) presentations, which will be uploaded to the virtual conference platform.

If you would like to present during the Poster Session, click here to pre-register by April 9th. Once confirmed, please upload a .pdf of your poster by April 14th. 

Posters must be a .pdf under 10MB. 

We highly encourage poster presenters to record a video explaining the poster that can be linked to from the conference app. 

The live poster session will take place on a social wall of the conference app. 

How do I access the Virtual Platform SRF is using for the Conference?
SRF is using the Virtual Platform Crowd Compass to produce the Virtual Salmonid Restoration Conference. Each conference registrant, sponsor, and presenter will receive a direct invite from Crowd Compass. It will contain all of the info that you will need to attend the event, and features to enhance your event experience.  If you are using a web browser, you do not need to download the app, you will access the event through your web browser. The invitation makes this very simple. Here are some Crowd Compass videos to assist.

How do I utilize the networking features on Crowd Compass?
Crowd Compass comes with several networking features including adding contacts, sending messages, scheduling appointments, creating and sharing posts, etc.
Here are some brief videos to walk you through some of the networking options:

I received an email about buying registrants information from a third party, is it a scam?


Some SRF members have been receiving emails about selling the registration list from a third party. Please be advised that these are scams. Unfortunately, this is not a problem unique to our conference. 

In the CrowdCompass App, attendees will be able to request contact information from each other. 

A directory of speakers will be provided in the proceedings. 

SRF does not sell contact information of our attendees.