Salmonid Restoration Federation
Adaptation in Motion
April 21 - 23, 2021
Virtual, California

Plenary Session

22 April 2021
9:00am - 12:30pm

The exciting annual Plenary Session showcases the state of salmonid recovery in California and features distinguished keynote speakers including legislators, renowned academics, watershed visionaries, and scientists at the forefront of the restoration movement in California. This year, plenary speakers include:

Deep Restoration (Without and Within): Tending Old Wounds, Healing Systems, and Recovering Belonging
Rene Henery, PhD, California Science Director, Trout Unlimited

The Difference A Year Makes
Chuck Bonham, JD, Director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Ocean Conditions and the Emergence of Thiamine Deficiency 
in Central Valley Chinook Salmon
Nate Mantua, PhD, NOAA/NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Ocean Outbreaks Heating Up with Climate Change 
Dr. Drew Harvell, author of Ocean Outbreak: Confronting the Rising Tide of Marine Disease
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University

Check out these great resources by our 2021 Plenary speakers:

"Researchers Probe Deaths of Central Valley Chinook, with Possible Ties to Ocean Changes" featuring research by Nate Mantua

"Healing our Ecosystem: Recovering Belonging from the Wounds of Colonialism" Trout Unlimited blog post by Rene Henery

"How Starfish, Snails and Salmon Fight Pandemics" by Dr. Drew Harvell (New York Times)

Listen to a clip of the audiobook version of "Ocean Outbreak"

Ocean Outbreak book cover, features a photo of a pink sea star
"Ocean Outbreak", a new book by Dr. Drew Harvell