Salmonid Restoration Federation
Deep Roots — Celebrating 40 Years of Watershed Restoration
April 25 - 28, 2023
Fortuna, California

2023 Conference Mentorship Program

SRF is growing our Conference mentorship experience. This year, SRF will match each Mentee with one Mentor. Mentees will have brief one-on-one meetings with their Mentors before, during (daily), and after the annual conference. We hope this format will allow Mentors to help Mentees make good use of their time at the conference, provide networking opportunities, share career advice, and perhaps even build lasting connections.
How do I sign up as a Mentor or Mentee?
Pre-regsitration ended on March 3. Questions and inquiries can be emailed to

Why be a Mentee?
Attending a conference for the first time can be intimidating. Your Mentor will be a friendly presence to make you feel welcome, let you know what to expect at the conference, and introduce you to people in their network that share your interests. Your Mentor can answer your questions about the conference and provide career advice. 

Why be a Mentor?
Help welcome new people into the SRF family. Your mentors have helped you learn and grow in your career. Now is the time to repay the favor and help the next generation! Meet a new young person; you may find their energy and optimism to be refreshing. SRF hopes to recruit diverse Mentors from many sectors and organizations. We need you!

Guidance for mentors and mentees
Be honest and genuine, recognizing that is not the same thing as being uncensored or careless. Remember that everyone is expected to maintain professional standards of conduct. Showing vulnerability and humanity builds connections. 

Timelines, and expectations
SRF will invite all Mentors and Mentees to participate in a March 2023 group 30-minute virtual meeting to provide an overview of the mentorship program, set expectations, and answer questions.  

Based on information provided in the interest forms, SRF will then match each Mentee with a Mentor. One-on-one meetings:
  • Pre-conference: At least a week prior to the April 25-28, 2023 conference, Mentor should contact Mentee and schedule a 20-minute meeting (virtual or in-person) for introductions and conference preparations.  Mentors and Mentees should exchange contact info and discuss preferred methods of communication.
  • At conference: Mentors and Mentees should arrange to connect in-person for approximately 10 minutes each day (e.g., during morning, breaks, lunch, evening, etc.) during the conference. 
  • After conference: Within a week after the conference, Mentor should schedule a 20-minute meeting with Mentee to debrief and reconnect.

Here is a Mentorship Guide for recommended timelines and discussion topics for Mentor-Mentee one-on-one meetings