Salmonid Restoration Federation

Registration Still Open for the 8th Spring-Run Chinook Symposium

Join us for the 8th Spring-Run Chinook Symposium on July 26 - 28, 2016 in Chico, CA.

Please click here for additional information and to register.

This year's Symposium will highlight recent restoration efforts in Butte and Battle Creek, instream flow planning in Deer and Antelope Creek, regional status reports on Spring-run populations, genetics, FERC relicensing, climate variability, and population trend monitoring. Field tours will include visits to the legendary spawning grounds in Butte Creek and and projects in critical creeks including Mill, Deer, and Antelope Creek that have been prioritized for insert flow enhancement and fish passage projects.

The first day will be a full-day symposium at the Masonic Family Center in Chico, CA followed by full-day field tours.