Salmonid Restoration Federation

Open Call for 2022 SRF Conference

2022 SRF Conference in Santa Cruz

Open Call for Proposals due September 15

SRF earnestly hopes to be able to produce the long-awaited conference in Santa Cruz, CA in spring 2022. The tentative dates are April 19-22, 2022. The conference will feature field tours, workshops, and concurrent sessions. Due to uncertainty with COVID-19, SRF prefers to receive session and workshop proposals that could also be offered in an online format since it is possible that we will have to produce a virtual conference.
SRF has extended the Call for Proposals until September 15. Please indicate if you would still be interested in chairing the session or workshop if we go virtual. Please email  to submit a brief proposal for a workshop, session, or field tour by September 15. The First Call for Abstracts will be posted in early October.