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November 2017 eNewsletter Highlights

In this eNewsletter you will find:

  • Registration Now Open for the 2018 SRF Poster Session
  • SRF Final Call For Abstracts 
  • Featured SRF Workshop and Tour
  • Arts Alive at SRF Office in Eureka
  • PMEP Funding Opportunity
  • Fish Passage Forum Funding Opportunity
  • Save the Van Arken 
  • Consider SRF for your Holiday Shopping

Register for the 2018 SRF Conference Poster Session

SRF welcomes your attendance and participation in the 36th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference Poster Session that will be held Friday, April 13, 2018 from 7-10 pm at the Fortuna River Lodge.

Visit our website for additional information about the Poster Session. If you would like to present during the Poster Session, please pre-register by filling out this form.

2018 Salmonid Restoration Conference Final Call For Abstracts 

Presenter abstract deadline has been extended to November 10, 2017 for specific sessions. 

The 36th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference will be April 11-14, 2018 at the Fortuna River Lodge. Please visit our website to see the Final Call for Abstracts and conference agenda

The deadline to submit an abstract has been extended to November 10 for the following sessions: Klamath Dam Removals, Adapting Aging Infrastructure, Alluvial Fans and Salmonid Habitat, and Eel River Ecology, Restoration Challenges and Opportunities. To submit an abstract, please fill out this form, then email your abstract to Please review our submission guidelines. Receipt of your submission will be acknowledged by email and forwarded to the correct session chair.

Featured Workshop at the 2018 Conference 

Effectiveness Monitoring of Instream Restoration 
Restoration project types and techniques are constantly evolving as we learn more about fish and habitat response to various types of restoration. Physical and biological monitoring at an individual project and larger watershed scale is essential to understanding these relationships. The purpose of this workshop is to explore various restoration project effectiveness monitoring approaches and learn how project and watershed level physical and biological data are helping us evaluate these projects. In addition, this workshop will have a panel discussion that explores existing monitoring data and provides input on what data would be most useful to collect in the future to advance restoration effectiveness science.


Featured Tour at the 2018 Conference

Restoring Tidal Wetlands Field Tour
This tour will visit three project sites which embody inclusive strategies to balance restoration and working landscapes including the Wood Creek Aquatic Habitat Enhancement Project, the Martin Slough Enhancement Project and the White Slough Tidal Wetlands Restoration Project. The tour will include constructed tidal channels, large wood structures, various stages of restored and abundant tidal wetland habitat, a pasture actively undergoing restoration to balance high brackish marsh vegetation with agriculture use, and a hydraulically-based and large-scale tide gate.

SRF Arts Alive in Eureka 

Salmonid Restoration Federation will host Arts Alive on Saturday, December 2 at our office in Old Town Eureka right by the gazebo. This Arts Alive will feature Thomas Dunklin’s new panorama and aerial photography of Humboldt Bay as well as current underwater video footage of salmon and steelhead. Come do your holiday shopping with TDunklin and SRF! Please join us for wine, appetizers, and lively conversation from 6-9 pm.

2018 PMEP Funding Opportunity

The Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership (PMEP) is seeking project proposals that increase the quality or availability of habitat for juvenile fish, with an emphasis on habitat connectivity, or that assess the use of habitats by juvenile fish in estuary environments.

To apply for funding, interested applicants should complete and submit the online application. The deadline for project proposal submissions is November 9.

Fish Passage Forum Funding Opportunity

The California Fish Passage Forum is seeking proposals to restore the connectivity of freshwater anadromous fish habitats. A total of $100,000 to $150,000 will be awarded. The deadline for submissions is November 15.

Save the Van Arken Watershed  

Sanctuary Forest asks you to join their Save the Van Arken Campaign. Their goal is to purchase and protect 1,600 acres that are under threat in the Mattole River watershed. Sanctuary Forest will give two presentations in San Rafael this weekend. For more details, visit Sanctuary Forest's website.

Consider SRF for your Holiday Shopping


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