Salmonid Restoration Federation

Advanced Registration Closes July 18 for the 9th Spring-run Chinook Symposium and Field Tours

Join the Salmon River Restoration Council (SRRC), Salmonid Restoration Federation, Karuk Tribe and many more as we dive into, both literally and figuratively, the Spring Chinook of the Klamath Basin.

Register separately for the DivesSymposium and Field Tours. You are welcome to register for all four days, or pick particular days. 

July 25 - 26 : 23rd Annual SRRC Dive Training and Cooperative Salmon River Spring Chinook and Summer Steelhead Dives

The event will kick-off July 25 with dive training, followed the next day by the volunteer Cooperative Salmon River Spring Chinook and Summer Steelhead Dives. All first year and tenth year divers are required to participate in the whitewater safety and fish identification dive training (state and federal government employees are exempted). The training will be at the Forks of Salmon Community Club from 10 a. to 1 pm.

Volunteer slots for the dives on the 26th are limited and experience is preferred so sign up with the Salmon River Restoration Council soon!

For more information and to register for the dives, please visit the Salmon River Restoration Council's website.

July 27 - 28: 9th Annual Spring-run Chinook Symposium and Field Tours

The Spring-run Chinook Symposium on July 27 will feature a full day of presentations on conservation genetics, population monitoring and status, limiting factors, and implementing recovery strategies. Then two field tours depart on the 28th: a class 3 raft trip for all ages and skill levels that will highlight restoration projects and fisheries of the Mid Klamath or the Salmon River Floodplain and Fisheries Restoration Tour of upcoming restoration projects, conceptual project types, and vistas. The Symposium webpage and agenda contain more details.