Salmonid Restoration Federation

Abstract Submission Guidelines for the 2020 SRF Conference

Submitting Concurrent Session and Workshop Presentation Abstracts

In 2020, Salmonid Restoration Federation (SRF) will produce the 38th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference from March 31-April 3 in Santa Cruz, California. The SRF Call for Abstracts has become very competitive and oral presentations that have not previously been made at Salmonid Restoration Conference will be given priority. 

(Please note that the submissions for Poster presentations involve a separate process.)

Submitting an abstract for the 2020 SRF Conference is a two-step process.

Word Document Format Guidelines:

  • 12 point, Times New Roman font, and left justified only

  • Title of your abstract

  • A list of all the authors, their affiliation, and e-mail address. Presenters must be clearly identified. Please write out this information exactly as you would want it listed in the Presenter Directory. Please note that co-authors will not be listed in the conference agenda packet but they will be acknowledged in the Proceedings.

  • Indicate if the presenter is a student.

  • An indication of what concurrent session or workshop you would like to contribute to, or indicate “Poster.”

  • Include preference of presentation type (i.e., PowerPoint LCD projector).

  • An abstract of 500 words or less.


Title: Sample Title

Author: Maria Gonzales, PhD, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, (Presenter), and Co-author: Martin Jones, PE, NOAA Fisheries,

Concurrent Session: Reintroduction of Salmon into their Historic Habitats

Presentation Type: PowerPoint

Abstract: Write your abstract here.

Submitting Your Abstract

All contributions, including Session and Presentation Abstracts, should be submitted electronically by email to with abstract attached as an MS Word file.

Receipt of your submission will be acknowledged by email and forwarded to the correct session chair. For any additional information, please contact SRF at (707) 923-7501 or