Salmonid Restoration Federation
Innovative Approaches to Fisheries Restoration
March 13 - 16, 2013
Fortuna, California

The 31st Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference took place in Fortuna and was focused on Innovative Approaches to Fisheries Restoration.

The conference agenda focused on pressing issues that are affecting the future of the salmonid restoration field, including diminishing funding, regulatory hurdles, climate change, water diversions, and balancing competing resources. Additionally, the agenda explored the theories, philosophies, and science informing the development of restoration practices that mimic natural processes.

To this end, the workshops examined innovative and successful restoration practices and protocols including estuary and off-channel habitat restoration, restoring natural processes, calculating instream flows, salmon lifecycle monitoring, and navigating hurdles to create successful restoration projects. Field tours visited exemplary and cuttingedge projects on the North Coast including road decommissioning in Headwaters Forest, instream work in Redwoods State Park, bio-geomorphic approaches in the Lower Klamath, innovative projects in the Mattole headwaters, estuary restoration in Humboldt Bay Eel River watersheds, community forest management in Arcata, and aquatic restoration in the Mad River.

2013 Conference Highlights

Fortuna River Lodge
1800 Riverwalk Drive,
Fortuna , CA