Salmonid Restoration Federation
Restoring Watersheds and Rebuilding Salmon Runs
29 March - 1 April, 2017
Davis, California

Visioning Salmon Recovery — Restoring Ecological Function in the Central Valley’s Working Landscapes through Science, Collaboration, and Structured Decision Making

01 April 2017
9:00am - 12:15pm
Session Coordinators: 

Real solutions for recovering salmon in the Central Valley will require fishermen and farmers, water suppliers, urban users, government agencies and environmentalists to take a clear-eyed look at California’s water systems, roll up our collective sleeves and implement practical actions that advance common interests. Accomplishing this, however, will require development of: a) collaborative forums and processes, b) science based objectives that facilitate the design of actions, c) on the ground projects that demonstrate success by integrating the objectives of multiple user groups, and d) economic and regulatory incentives for collaborative multi-benefit actions that advance objectives. All of these crucial elements are currently being applied to salmon recovery in the Central Valley. Successfully reconciling urban, agricultural, and environmental water and land uses, however, will require a proliferation of and deeper commitment to this structural, science-based, approach to collaborative engagement.

This session seeks abstracts that explore the real-world successes and challenges of multi-benefit projects, collaborative processes to develop science based objectives for salmon recovery, or efforts to incentivize and facilitate permitting and implementation of on the ground actions that benefit fish, farms, flood management, and water supply. The session will culminate with a panel discussion focused on identifying specific opportunities and tangible next steps towards reconciling water supply, flood protection and healthy, self-sustaining runs of wild salmon in the Central Valley.  

Emigrating Salmonid Habitat Estimation (ESHE): A Modeling Framework for Estimating Habitat Needs for Outmigrating Juvenile Salmonids
Travis M. Hinkelman, Ph.D., Cramer Fish Sciences

A Vision for Salmon Restoration in the San Joaquin Valley: The Stanislaus River Example
Jon Rosenfield, The Bay Institute

The Development of a Structured Adaptive Approach to Prioritizing Conservation and Restoration of Chinook Salmon in the Central Valley
James T. Peterson, US Geological Survey, Oregon Cooperative Fish and Wildlife

Central Valley Spring-run Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery and the Role of the Yuba River
Brian Ellrott, National Marine Fisheries Service

The Central Valley Salmon Habitat Partnership
Jacob Katz, Ph.D., California Trout, and Chris Unkel, Ph.D., American Rivers

Developing a Multi-Objective Rehabilitation Strategy for the Coon Creek Watershed
Jai Singh, cbec eco engineering