Salmonid Restoration Federation
March 26 - 29, 2024
Santa Rosa, California

Thiamine Deficiency in California Salmon and Steelhead

Session Coordinator: Nate Mantua, Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Thiamine deficiency was first detected in California's Central Valley Chinook salmon fry in early 2020, and has since been documented in at least some of California's steelhead, coho and Chinook salmon populations every year since then.  This session invites presentations on any aspects of thiamine deficiency relevant to this emergent stressor on California's salmon and steelhead.
Widespread Thiamine Deficiency Found in California Salmon and Steelhead, Nate Mantua, PhD NOAA/NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Bridging the Gap: Steelhead Ocean Foraging Ecology and the Link to Thiamine Deficiency Complex, Abigail Ward, University of California - Center for Watershed Sciences, Davis
Baseline Forage Fish Nutritional Quality in the California Current Ecosystem, Freya Rowland, PhD, U.S. Geological Survey Columbia Environmental Research Center
Developing a Dose-Response Model for Thiamine Deficiency in Central Valley Chinook, Miles Daniels, PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz and NOAA/NMFS/SWFSC
High School Students Investigating Thiamine Deficiency in Central Valley Salmon Alongside Researchers, Peggy Harte, M.Ed., University of California, Davis and Center for Community and Citizen Science