Salmonid Restoration Federation
April 11 - 14, 2018
Fortuna, California

Streamflow Enhancement: Planning, Science, Strategies and Lessons Learned

13 April 2018
1:15pm - 5:00pm

Session Coordinator:
Monty Schmitt, The Nature Conservancy

This session will explore the planning, science, strategies and lessons learned from efforts to improve flows for fish and water security for landowners. Presenters will discuss efforts to create flow objectives; opportunities and challenges for using tools and policies for increasing flows including storage and forbearance, 1707 dedications, and the North Coast Instream Flow Policy; documenting benefits; and explore collaborative approaches to advance stakeholder-driven improvements in water resource management.

Maximizing Incentives to Enhance Streamflow in Coastal California: Integrating Instream Flow Dedications with ESA Recovery Incentives
Dan Wilson, NOAA Fisheries and Peter Kiel, JD, Ellison Schneider Harris & Donlan LLP

A Coordinated Approach for Developing Statewide Environmental Flow Regulations in California
Julie Zimmerman, The Nature Conservancy

Managing Diversions in Unregulated Streams Using a Modified Percent-of-Flow Approach
Darren Mierau, CalTrout

An Alternative Approach to Evaluating the Effects of Streamflow Improvement Projects in Small Intermittent Streams: A Case Study in Dutch Bill Creek
Sarah Nossaman, CA Sea Grant, Russian River Salmon & Steelhead Monitoring Program and Mia Van Docto, Trout Unlimited

Collaborative Water Management: A Framework for Stakeholder-led Flow Enhancement Projects at a Watershed Scale
Monty Schmitt, The Nature Conservancy and Tasha McKee, Sanctuary Forest

Establishing Instream Flow Criteria in Critical Salmonid Streams: Water Board approaches to Modeling Hydrology and Water Use to Inform Policy Development

Valerie Zimmer, State Water Resources Control Board