Salmonid Restoration Federation
March 26 - 29, 2024
Santa Rosa, California

Oops! I didn't mean to do that. Restoration Endeavors With Unintended Outcomes

Session Coordinator: Rachel Shea, PE, Michael Love & Associates
It's time to air your dirty laundry of unforeseen restoration outcomes so that your SRF friends do not repeat them. This session is intended to create an accepting space to discuss restoration actions that you have tried and may not have worked out as well as you anticipated. It's better to share information on what hasn't worked whether it is in monitoring, design, or construction so that we can all move forward to improve our fisheries.
Unanticipated Outcomes after Wildfire in the York Creek Dam Removal Project, Aaron Sutherlin, Riverscapes and Shorelines Director, WRA 
A River Ran Through It…, Paul DeVries, Ph.D. PE, FP-C, Kleinschmidt Associates 
Dredge Tailings are Made of Giant Drain Rocks, Charnna Gilmore, Scott River Watershed Council and Betsy Stapleton, Scott River Watershed Council
Honolulu Bar Restoration – A Decade Later, How Did We Do?, J.D. Wikert, USFWS 
Lessons Learned – Hemphill Diversion Facility Fish Passage and Screening, Jon Burgi, P.E., McMillen Inc.
Learning from What Does Not Work – The Experimental Nature of Streamflow Restoration, Tasha McKee, Sanctuary Forest