Salmonid Restoration Federation
31 March - 3 April, 2020
Santa Cruz, California

Hydrologic Management Insights from Instrumented Watersheds

03 April 2020
Session Coordinators: 
Tim Bailey, Humboldt County Resource Conservation District
David Dralle, Postdoctoral Researcher, Eel River Critical Zone Observatory, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA
Successful watershed management requires a process-based understanding of the outcomes of management alternatives and treatments. Long-term ecological research sites and shorter-term intensively monitored sites both provide important insights into watershed hydrologic response to management strategies and natural variability. Well-designed experiments are needed to understand emerging management techniques. Data from all these approaches will be critical for formulating management responses to the myriad of ecological stressors faced by California's freshwater fisheries including declining summer baseflows. This session will be an opportunity to share data-driven insights into hydrologic responses to climate, disturbance and vegetation management (e.g., fire and timber harvest), restoration, and management interventions such as enhanced groundwater recharge.
Hyporheic Restoration: Lessons From Meacham Creek, OR
Byron Amerson, ESA
A Paired Watershed Comparison of Stream Condition: Disentangling Human Landuse from Natural Variability in Cannabis Producing Tributaries to the Headwaters of the Mattole River, CA
Elijah Portugal, MS, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Quantification of Water Storage and Non-perennial Runoff Dynamics in a Semi-arid Catchment
Amanda Donaldson, Ph.D. student, University of California, Santa Cruz
Hydrologic Insights from Comparing North Coast Stream Gage Data with Flow Estimation Methods and Geology
Valerie Zimmer, State Water Board
Advancing Voluntary Flow Enhancement Projects in California’s Small Streams and Rivers
Amy Campbell, The Nature Conservancy, Instream Flows Project Director
Effects of Flow Augmentation on Coho Salmon Smolt Passage in Porter Creek, a Tributary to the Russian River, California
Sarah Nossaman Pierce, California Sea Grant
The Recession of Freedom – Investigating the Drivers of within-reach Movement for Oversummering Juvenile Steelhead and Coho Salmon in a Drying Stream 
Gabriel Rossi, UC Berkeley