Salmonid Restoration Federation
31 March - 3 April, 2020
Santa Cruz, California

Fish Passage Design for Road Crossings Workshop and Field Tour

31 March - 01 April 2020
9:00am - 5:00pm
Workshop Coordinators:
Michael Love P.E., Michael Love & Associates, Inc.
Ross Taylor, Ross Taylor and Associates
Field Tour Presenters:
Steve Wiesner, Asst Director, County of Santa Cruz Dept. of Public Works
Gary Kittleson, Kittleson Environmental
This two-day workshop will focus on fish passage design approaches and techniques for road-stream crossings and other low-head barriers. The course will be structured around Part XII – Fish Passage Design and Implementation - of the CDFW California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual. The workshop is intended for participants with a variety of backgrounds, including engineers, biologists, geologists, planners, and project managers.
Covered topics include:
  • Biological imperative of providing passage
  • Assessing geomorphic risk for a fish passage project
  • Pre-design and selection of project approach
  • Stream simulation design and reference reach characterization
  • Roughened channel design
  • Use of boulder and log weirs
  • Retrofits and technical fishways
The workshop will have participants work on sample problems taken from real projects, including analysis of thalweg profiles, developing designs for a stream simulation culvert crossing, and sizing material for a roughened channel. Participants should bring a calculator and a ruler. The second half of Day 2 will include a field tour to a range of fish passage sites within Santa Cruz’s Corralitos Creek. Sites include full replacements and retrofits of stream crossings and a fish ladder, illustrating the various design approaches covered in the workshop and described in CDFW Part XII.
Shingle Mill culvert retrofit
Shingle Mill culvert retrofit
  • Shingle Mill culvert retrofit
  • City of Watsonville Fish Ladder
  • Los Padres Dam Fish Passage