Salmonid Restoration Federation
2020 Vision for California’s Salmonscape
March 31 - April 3, 2020
Santa Cruz, California

Challenges and Innovations in Salmonid Lifecycle Monitoring in Coastal Streams

03 April 2020
Session Coordinator: 

Jack Eschenroeder, Fish Bio

This session will focus on the unique challenges of conducting lifecycle monitoring in coastal streams, as well as approaches being implemented to overcome these challenges. This session will provide a forum for exchanging ideas and solutions to problems encountered with monitoring in systems typified flashy hydrographs, high turbidities, and shifting substrates. Potential presentations may include the application of technologies, as well as explanations of how data are being used in restoration efforts.

Slack-Loop Antennas: A Flexible PIT-Tag Antenna Design to Meet the Challenges of Monitoring Fish Movement in Coastal California Streams
Haley Ohms, Institute of Marine Science, University of California Santa Cruz and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Water Depth Monitoring at Riffle Crest Thalwegs Supports Juvenile Salmon Outmigration
Brian Kastl, UC Berkeley
Life Cycle Monitoring in the Russian River: Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges
Gregg Horton, Sonoma Water
Preliminary Results from the Redwood Creek Coho Salmon Jump-start Project: Preserving Coho Salmon for Future Generations
Michael Reichmuth, National Park Service
The Efficacy of eDNA Sampling to Detect Presence of Endangered Coho Salmon in Santa Cruz Mountain Streams: Building Reasonable Expectations of an Emerging Method
Brian C. Spence, NOAA Fisheries Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Long Term Southern Steelhead Monitoring in the Santa Monica Bay – Tools Used and Lessons Learned!
Rosi Dagit, RCD of the Santa Monica Mountains
Salmonid Monitoring in Turbid Coastal Streams: Learned Perspectives from Salinas River Adaptive Monitoring
Ryan Cuthbert, FISHBIO