Salmonid Restoration Federation
31 March - 3 April, 2020
Santa Cruz, California

Accelerating Coho and Steelhead Recovery

01 April 2020

Workshop Coordinators:
Matt Clifford, Trout Unlimited, and Monty Schmitt, The Nature Conservancy

In the more than two decades that various coastal California populations of steelhead and coho salmon have been protected under federal and/ or state endangered species acts, a great deal of effort has gone into studying how to recover these species.  Federal recovery plans have been completed for all three populations of coastal California steelhead, and both federal and state recovery plans have been completed for both populations of coastal California coho.  But although both the regulatory and restoration branches of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the National Marine Fisheries Service have been working for years to implement various actions called for in those plans, populations of both species have continued to decline.  This workshop will focus on efforts to re-assess the approaches the agencies and the larger restoration community are taking to recovering these species.  Topics of interest include: methods for prioritizing specific restoration projects at the watershed level to guide grant funding, more effective implementation of regulatory authority over water diversion and stream alteration, more efficient permitting of habitat restoration projects, and more effective monitoring of populations of both species.

The State of California’s Salmonids
Curtis Knight, California Trout
Twenty Years of Recovery Planning and Project History with the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California Case Studies
Keith Wolf, Cardno Americas
Implementing Priority Recovery Actions for Coho Salmon in the Central California Coast
Stephen Swales, California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Erin Seghesio, NOAA Fisheries
The North Coast Salmon Project: A Synergistic Approach to Coho Salmon Recovery
Jonathan Nelson, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
How to use the Salmon Habitat Restoration Priorities (SHaRP) Process to Enhance Inclusion and Support in On-the-ground Restoration Planning
Julie Weeder, NOAA Fisheries, Allan Renger, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
A Scientific Framework to Guide Salmonid Recovery Prioritization, Implementation, and Monitoring
Darren Mierau, North Coast Program Director, California Trout
Accelerating Steelhead and Coho Recovery Using the Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Act and other Programmatic Permits
Katie Haldeman and Erika Lovejoy, Sustainable Conservation
Effectiveness Monitoring of Coho and Steelhead Habitat Enhancement in Lagunitas Creek
Gregory Andrew, MS, Marin Municipal Water District
Coho Salmon Flow Initiative (CFI): A Watershed-Scale Approach to Instream Flow Issues Based on Conservation Priorities
David Hines, California Department of Fish and Wildlife; Matt Clifford, Trout Unlimited
Building Local Capacity: the Most Overlooked Element in the Implementation of Habitat Restoration
Kellyx Nelson, San Mateo Resource Conservation District
The Roles Engineers and Geologists Can Play in Accelerating Salmonid Recovery
Marjorie Caisley, P.E. Senior Hydraulic Engineer, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
How Water Diversion Laws Can Deter Voluntary Participation in Streamflow Restoration Projects, and Some Potential Fixes
Matt Clifford, California Water Project Attorney, Trout Unlimited