Salmonid Restoration Federation
Fisheries Restoration: Planning for Resilience
11 March - 14, 2015
Santa Rosa, California

Managing for Drought: Advances in Groundwater Policy and Recharge Practices

14 March 2015

Session Coordinator: 
Amy Trainer, JD, Environmental Action Committee of West Marin

Unpacking the California Water Bond and Long-awaited Groundwater Legislation
Tina Cannon Leahy, California State Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife

An Integrated Approach for Enhancing Dry Season Flows in North Coastal California
Joel Monschke, Stillwater Sciences

Instream Flow Objectives for Priority Sacramento Tributaries
Daniel Schultz, State Water Resources Control Board

Creative and Voluntary Solutions to Increasing Flows in the Shasta River Watershed
Lisa Hulette, The Nature Conservancy

Engineered Groundwater Recharge in the Upper Mattole River
Brad Job, Pacific Watershed Associates

California Water Law, Water Transactions for Instream Flow, and New Opportunities to Integrate Surface and Groundwater Accounting
Tom Hicks, JD, Tom Hicks Law