Salmonid Restoration Federation
Fisheries Restoration: Planning for Resilience
11 March - 14, 2015
Santa Rosa, California

Challenges and Applications for Salmonid and Watershed Recovery in Highly Altered Systems

13 March 2015

Session Coordinator: 
Cynthia LeDoux-Bloom, PhD, Senior Fisheries Scientist, AECOM

River Regulation: The Decoupling of Salmon and Freshwater Habitats
Joe Merz, PhD, Cramer Fish Sciences

Survival Improvements at Fish Guidance Systems designed to Improve Safe Downstream Passage of Anadromous and Catadromous Fish
Shane Scott, Principal, S. Scott & Associates LLC

Making use of a Big Estuary — California Chinook Salmon Fry and Salty Water
Yvette Redler, NOAA Fisheries

Salmon Feeding Strategies and the Bioenergetic Modeling of Juvenile Chinook Salmon Growth During a Drought in the San Joaquin River
Taylor Spaulding, California State University, Fresno

Genetic Analysis of Central Valley Steelhead: Patterns, Processes, and Recovery Planning in a Modified Landscape
Devon E. Pearse, NOAA Fisheries

Measuring the Effects of an Invasive Species and Drought on the Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community Composition in Topanga Creek, CA
Lizzy Montgomery and Crystal Garcia, Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains