Salmonid Restoration Federation
Fisheries Restoration: Planning for Resilience
11 March - 14, 2015
Santa Rosa, California

Beyond the Thin Blue Line: Floodplain Processes, Habitat, and Importance to Salmonids -- Part I

14 March 2015

Session Coordinators: 
Brian Cluer, NOAA Fisheries
Tommy Williams, NOAA Fisheries

Detecting and Designing Synchronous Channel and Floodplain Habitats
Rocko Brown, UC Davis

Development of a Multi-threaded Wetland Channel Complex and the Implications for Salmonids
Lauren Hammack, Prunuske Chatham Inc.

Restoration of Fluvial Processes, Floodplains, and Habitat in Lower Butano Creek
Chris Hammersmark, cbec, Inc.

Doomed to Die on the Straight and Narrow. Can We Break the Levee to Let Recovery Flow?
Sean Hayes and Jeffrey Jahn, NOAA Fisheries

You are What you Eat: Isotope Tools to Track Floodplain Rearing of Native Fishes
Rachel Johnson, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries

Enhancing Channel and Floodplain Connectivity: Improving Salmonid Winter Habitat on Lagunitas Creek, Marin County, California
Greg Kamman, PG, CEG, Kamman Hydrology & Engineering, Inc.