Salmonid Restoration Federation
Recovery Strategies for Coastal Salmonids
March 19 - 22, 2014
Santa Barbara, California

Steelhead Life Histories

21 March 2014

Session Coordinator:
Jacob Katz, Cal Trout

“Drought, Fire, Landslides and El Niño – Oh My”: Steelhead Life Histories in Southern California’s Dynamic Landscape
Jacob Katz, Cal Trout

Comparing the Demographics of Two Steelhead Populations and Their Habitat Characteristics
Eileen Baglivio, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University

Life History Characteristics of Southern Steelhead in the Lower Santa Ynez River Watershed Revealed by Scale Reading
Sarah Horwath, Cardno Entrix

A Perfect Match for Self-Renewal: Steelhead and the Santa Ynez River Ecosystem
William J. Trush, PhD, and Alison O’Dowd, PhD, Humboldt State University River Institute, Department of Environmental Science and Management, Humboldt State University

Spawning Characteristics of Sympatric Steelhead and Resident Rainbow Trout in Souther California
Anthony Spina, NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region

Relative Contribution of Anadromous and Resident Adults in an Endangered Southern California Steelhead Population
Rick Bush, NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region