Salmonid Restoration Federation
Recovery Strategies for Coastal Salmonids
March 19 - 22, 2014
Santa Barbara, California

Innovative Stormwater and Water Conservation Measures, Strategies and Programs to Benefit Salmonids Workshop

20 March 2014

Workshop Coordinators:
Rosi Dagit, Santa Monica Mountains Resource Conservation District
Freddy Otte, City of San Luis Obispo, and Regina Hirsch, Sierra Watershed Progressive

Workshop Overview

This workshop explored innovative approaches to stormwater management and water conservation. Presentations covered topics including how to read a stormwater management plan, harvesting rainwater for stormwater catchment, plumbing for LID measures, and Stormwater LID Capture Project Profile.  In the afternoon, case studies were provided that demonstrated on-the-ground strategies and programs that can help keep water in the streams and rivers for fish including a dynamic presentation by Brock Dolman focused on “basins of relations,” and the “slow it, spread it, sink it” methodology. Presentations were followed by a brainstorming session on what kinds of programs work, the need for adaptability, and tangible ways to move forward to achieve water sustainability.


Reading a Stormwater Plan: How to Know What Co-efficients Effect Your Watershed
Mark Adams, NorthStar Engineering, and Nick Weigel, NorthStar Engineering

Harvesting Rainwater for Stormwater Capture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Meredith Hardy, California Conservation Corps

CCC Stormwater Capture Project Profile: Lowering Stormwater Hydrograph Through Through Low Impact Development (LID) Treatments
Regina Hirsch, Sierra Watershed Progressive

Folding Salmonid Restoration into a Regulatory Program
Freddy Otte, City of San Luis Obispo

Reconnecting Coastal Streams: An Overview of Cooperative Streamflow Programs and Options in California
MaryAnn King, Trout Unlimited

Conservation Hydrology Pondering & Implementation
Brock Dolman, OAEC WATER Institute

A Practitioner’s Guide To Instream Transactions In California: Instream Flow Enhancement Approaches and Lessons Learned From Members of The Small Watershed Instream Flow Transfer (SWIFT) Working Group
Chris Alford, American Rivers, and Amy Hoss, The Nature Conservancy

Ocean Friendly Gardens are Salmon-Friendly Gardens! How Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Garden Project Benefits Salmonids
Steven Williams, Conservation Biologist , Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains