Salmonid Restoration Federation
Recovery Strategies for Coastal Salmonids
March 19 - 22, 2014
Santa Barbara, California

Historical Ecology of Salmonids

22 March 2014

Session Coordinator:
Dougald Scott, PhD

Santa Ynez River Steelhead: An Angling History
Mark H.  Capelli, PhD, NOAA Fisheries

The Status of California Salmon Habitat Based on a GIS Analysis
Charleen Gavette, Brian Cluer, PhD, NOAA Fisheries, and Robin Grossinger, San Francisco Estuarine Institute

Historical Ecology of Salmonids in the Klamath River Basin: Perspectives on the Role of Traditional Ecological Management by Indigenous Tribes and Lessons for Modern Times
Joshua Strange, PhD, Stillwater Sciences

Salmon as a Contemporary and Historical Critical Fish for California Indian Tribes
Fraser M. Shilling, PhD, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, University of California, Davis, CA

Historical Ecology of California Lagoons —Implications for Salmonid Restoration on the Changing California Coast
David K. Jacobs, PhD, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UCLA

On the Margins: In Search of Steelhead South of the Ventura Watershed
John G. “Tom” Tomlinson, Jr., Ph.D., Gould School of Law, USC