Salmonid Restoration Federation

Watershed and Salmon Education

New in 2019

From NOAA: A Series of Educational Resources to Promote Salmon Stewardship

California EcoAtlas:
Provides interactive, detailed maps and spatial information of aquatic resources (streams, wetlands, riparian areas, and special habitats), made available as data layers. Also a tracking tool for restoration project activity.

California Salmon Snapshots (The Nature Conservancy):
Offers "snapshots" of 55 California watersheds. Each snapshot provides a map of current distribution and potential habitat (once restored) for native salmon and steelhead, as well as a summary of the status and trends of salmonid populations based on monitoring data provided by various entities. 

CalTrout. SOS II: Fish in Hot Water.
Very rich resource with information regarding the status of native salmon, steelhead, and trout, including their diversity, distribution, habitat, behavior, and current threats to survival.

Higgins, D. 2013. Steelhead in the Classroom: California Salmon and Trout: Our Natural Heritage. Redwood Empire Chapter Trout Unlimited.

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NOAA Fisheries Salmon Activities.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Fish Eggs to Fry Education Resources:

Seasons in the Sea.

The Stream Scene: Watersheds, Wildlife and People.