Salmonid Restoration Federation
Restoring Watersheds and Rebuilding Salmon Runs
29 March - 1 April, 2017
Davis, California

Fish Passage from Tidewater to the Sierra

March 30, 2017
9:00am - 5:00pm

Workshop Coordinators:
Michael Love, Michael Love & Associates, Inc.
Mike Garello, HDR Engineering, Inc.
Ross Taylor, Ross Taylor and Associates

The day-long interactive course focuses on taking a broad perspective to addressing upstream and downstream fish passage challenges. The morning will address watershed scale fish passage prioritization, geomorphic risk assessment for passage projects, and selecting the appropriate design approach for addressing stream crossing barriers. The afternoon will turn to the methods and challenges associated with restoring upstream and downstream passage over high-head dams in California and lessons learned from the Pacific Northwest.  

What to Consider when Prioritizing Barriers within a Watershed?
Group Exercise

Status of Fish Passage Assessments and Prioritization in California
Ross Taylor, Ross Taylor and Associates, and Anne Elston, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commision

The Need to Address Watershed Scale Channel Incision in our Passage Projects
Michael Love, Michael Love & Associates, Inc.

One Size Does Not Fit All – Tools and Approaches to Addressing Stream Crossing Barriers
Michael Love, Michael Love & Associates, Inc.

Establishing the Fish Passage Design Profile
Group Exercise

Regulatory Drivers: California - How Different Environmental Regulations May Influence Decisions to Build a Fish Passage Project at a High Dam
Jonathon Mann PE, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Richard Wantuck, NMFS

The Feasibility and Design Process from the Engineer’s and Biologist’s Perspective.
Michael Garello, HDR Inc.

Key Fish Passage Parameters: What is Important and Why is it Important to Know?
Michael Garello, HDR Inc.

Technologies: How do Others do it and is there Hope for Emerging Technologies?
Jonathon Mann, PE, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Case Studies: Upstream Fish Passage
Richard Wantuck, NMFS

Case Studies: Downstream Fish Passage
John Hannon, US Bureau of Reclamation

Panel Discussion: Upstream Passage — When is Volitional Passage the Right Option for Fish Passage?
Group Exercise

Panel Discussion: Downstream Passage — Are Lessons Learned in the PNW Applicable to California High-Dams and Reservoirs?
Group Exercise