Salmonid Restoration Federation
11 April - 14, 2018
Fortuna, California

Effectiveness Monitoring of Instream Restoration Projects – Lessons Learned and Where Do We Go from Here

Workshop Coordinators:
Bob Pagliuco, NOAA Restoration Center, Arcata CA 
Ross Taylor, Ross Taylor and Associates

Restoration Project types and techniques are constantly evolving as we learn more about fish and habitat response to various types of restoration.  Physical and biological monitoring at an individual project and larger watershed scale is essential to understanding these relationships.   The purpose of this workshop is to explore various restoration project effectiveness monitoring approaches and learn how project and watershed level physical and biological data are helping us evaluate these projects.  In addition, this workshop will have a panel discussion that explores existing monitoring data and provides input on what data would be most useful to collect in the future to advance restoration effectiveness science.  Presentations in this session should focus on restoration effectiveness monitoring efforts for salmon and steelhead restoration projects and be prepared to explore ideas on where we need more effectiveness monitoring data to advance restoration science.